Why I started my blog.

Type 1 diabetes help_Type 1 diabetes_struggles_Type 1 diabetes_t1d blog_type 1 diabetes support_type1diabetesbloggersIn life we are told that we always need a ‘Why’.

A quick search shows that why is defined as for what reason or purpose. In essence, there must be a reason or purpose for an activity.

So here is my why for starting this blog.

I’ve had type 1 diabetes for over two decades and experienced many highs and lows, which aren’t just limited to blood sugars. I almost feel if there was a type 1 diabetes bingo then I would probably be able to mark my card pretty quickly.

I was reading another blog and it posed the question on starting your own blog. It went on to say it should be on something you are either passionate about or have experience in which got me thinking.

I am passionate about helping people especially when it comes to type 1 diabetes. It’s something that has and will (until a cure is found) have a daily impact on my life. I have experience living with type 1 diabetes. My why was born.

My why for starting this blog is to share my personal experiences of living with type 1 diabetes.

It’s been well documented that if you spend 10,000 hours trying a skill or activity then you will become an expert. In 22 years of living with type 1 diabetes, I’ve spent over 192,000 hours managing the condition. Yet, I’m still no expert but I do have experience of the subject matter.

I know through experience that its not just a chronic illness it is so much more. It’s a full-time job. It’s constantly planning and thinking ahead trying to be one step ahead.

It’s figures, numbers and calculations.

It’s feelings isolated because some people just don’t understand what you are living with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year.

It’s having to hear ignorant comments from ‘Can you eat that?’ to ‘my cousin twice removed aunt cured her diabetes (they never specify what type!) by eating an avocado twice a day and brushing her teeth with bananas for six weeks’.

It’s wondering if you have given yourself enough insulin for a particular meal.

It’s knowing that this drug will keep you alive.

It’s feeling happy one moment and then after seeing a blood sugar test result or a swipe of a sensor feeling angry, hopeless and worthless. It’s being scared to sleep at night because of the fear of not waking up from a night time hypo.

Take a second to re-read that last sentence. Imagine every night you went to sleep the last thing you think is, I hope I wake up if I have a hypo.

If you are reading this and not heard of a hypo or hypoglycemia, a hypo is an episode of low blood sugar where you need at least a minimum of 15g of fast acting carbohydrates to raise your blood sugar level.

It’s asking yourself, why me? Why was I diagnosed with type 1 diabetes? This is a why I asked myself a lot when I was first diagnosed and sometimes still do.

I’ve experienced all the above and more.

I’m from an immigrant working class background and this voice is currently underrepresented in the type 1 diabetes blogging world. I think being from this particular background had an impact in the way I interacted with the healthcare system and want to share these views.

I hope you have learnt a bit more about me and my reasons for starting this blog.

Over to you, what’s you why for something you do?  It doesn’t have to be related to type 1 diabetes. I look forward to speaking to people all over the world who have type 1 diabetes and hearing your experiences.


2 thoughts on “Why I started my blog.

  1. Feel free to do a guest blog for us at the Diabetes Diet blog. I’m interested in what you have to say about your experiences and how they might differ as an immigrant. I’m on Twitter @pinkglitterpubs, so if you are on that and follow me, I’ll send you a DM with my email address. Emma


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